NJFOA Shore Chapter Member's Section


Game Reports:

  • Please fill this form out completely and thoroughly. The more prepared a crew can be the better. This report and the pregame report only work if the input data is useful. Garbage in=garbage out.

Pregame Reports:

  • User can either select from upcoming games or any match-up desired.

Cadet Evaluations:

  • Form is ready for use. The report will be directly emailed to Tom Barlow.
  • The more thorough the more it helps the cadet, Tom, and ultimately the Chapter


  • Please logout after each session if you are using a public computer
  • If on a private computer and you do not logout, you will remain signed in even if you close your browser.
  • *If you have any website questions, please contact Chris Schalnat at cschaln9@gmail.com

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Chapter Council

  • President:
  • Bill Van Schoick

  • 1st Vice President:
  • Chris Schalnat

  • 2nd Vice President:
  • Andrew Rosenbloom

  • Assignor:
  • Jim Foligno

  • Treasurer:
  • Brian Fyfe

  • Trustees:
  • Steve Ramseur

  • Javier Campos

    Robert Boyle

  • Interpreter:
  • Bill Surdovel

  • Cadet Supervisor:
  • Tom Barlow

  • NJFOA Rep:
  • Mike Kilmurray

  • Attorney:
  • Dick Amdur


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